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The island commonwealth of Puerto Rico is small, but you can be an important part of the medical community by becoming an imaging technician in the area. When you become an MRI technician in Puerto Rico, you can work with high-end equipment and work with patients suffering from various disorders, injuries, and other health issues.

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Medical imaging is at the core of many health care procedures and specialties. Doctors, nurse practitioners, and other primary care providers use medical imaging to diagnose, investigate, and create a treatment plan for different health problems. PDD Net reports that recent advances in MRI technology have led to better MRI imaging for children. This allows technicians to more effectively capture usable images, keep children relaxed during this procedure, and minimize costs for patients.

Another good reason to go into MRI imaging in Puerto Rico is the country's emerging status as a medical tourism destination. People from all different parts of the world may travel to Puerto Rico for high-quality, affordable health care. This may present a big opportunity if you are just getting into the health care field.

As you start learning about MRI technology in this area, you may wish to join the Puerto Rico Association of Radiologic Technologists. Doing so may help you learn more about the laws and standards in Puerto Rico while connecting you with experts in your part of the country.

MRI Technician Education in Puerto Rico

The educational opportunities available to you in Puerto Rico depend on what part of the country you live in. Some programs may be taught in Spanish, but there are also English-language programs available for English-speaking residents. Most programs only last for one to two years, depending on whether you want a certificate, diploma, or Associate's degree. There are four-year Bachelor's degree programs that can educate you in different aspects of radiologic technology as well.

Some of the classes included in your curriculum may be focused on teaching you about MRI equipment. Your training should expose you to many different MRI machines, since machines in this country may vary widely from hospital to hospital. Courses like MRI Physics, MRI Equipment, and MRI Technology can teach you how the equipment works, the different aspects of using this equipment, and the theory of magnetic resonance imaging.

You want to be comfortable working with this technology before you start your career, and programs in Puerto Rico know that! That's why they provide many hours of practical experience in courses like MRI Clinical Procedures and MRI Techniques. If you are interested in MRI technician certification through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, practical experience is required.

MRI Technology Careers in Puerto Rico

When you prepare to start your career in Puerto Rico, there are no licensing requirements you must meet. However, individual employers may have their own expectations, so it's good to check out job listings and see what health care institutions look for. Some may expect American Registry of Radiologic Technologists certification, an optional certification program that involves rigorous testing and continuing education. ARRT certification can demonstrate your skills and MRI-specific knowledge to prospective employers.

The demand for MRI specialists is growing faster than average in Puerto Rico, possibly due to the country's growing appeal as a medical tourism location. O*Net expects job openings for MRI technicians to increase by 29 percent between 2012 and 2022, a job growth rate that exceeds the American average by 5 percent. It's important to look into different employers during your job search. Some of the country's most prominent health care employers are ComplexCare Solutions, Ashfield Healthcare, and Fujifilm Medical Systems.

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Puerto Rico

Universidad Central Del Caribe (Bayamon, PR)
Programs Offered:
Associate in Science in Radiologic Technology
Post-Associate Certificate in Computerized Tomography
Post-Associate Certificate in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Post-Associate Certificate in Medical Ultrasound

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