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Listed below are all of the accredited schools in Connecticut that offer ultrasound or sonography degree or certificate programs.


Much of Connecticut is considered to be part of the New York City metropolitan area, so those who enjoy city life will find plenty of programs to study sonography in the Connecticut area. If you are interested in technology, have the desire to positively impact your community and want a job where you feel rewarded and needed, then this may be the career for you. Ultrasound techs make up a vital part of the medical team, and earn a good salary. This alone may be enough incentive for you to look into this career further.

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Ultrasound/Sonography Education in Connecticut

Connecticut has a relatively small number of ultrasound and imaging training options at this time, however there are online options available as well. If you are thinking of pursuing education in the diagnostic sonography and radiology fields you can obtain both certificates and associate's degrees in the state. Take some time to investigate your options, as there are different types of ultrasound and diagnostic imaging programs out there.

Some of the more common programs include ultrasound technology, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technician programs, radiologic technology and cardiac imaging. Each of these career routes allows you to interact with patients while providing essential medical services to patients who need them.

You can expect to spend anywhere from three to five semesters in a certificate program, and two to four years if you plan to earn your degree. You will be taking basic science courses such as Anatomy and Physiology, as well as learning how to operate and maintain sophisticated technology and equipment. If this sounds like a career you'd like to pursue further, simply click on the links to schools and get more information.

Outlook for Ultrasound/Sonography Careers in Connecticut

Despite its small size and limited training opportunities, Connecticut has a variety of radiology, cardiovascular, and ultrasound technology jobs to apply for. You can look for jobs in hospitals, outpatient centers, private physicians' offices and for independent companies.

Data found at the Bureau of Labor Statistics from 2015. Keep in mind these pay rates may change depending on level of education, certifications, experience, as well as setting of employment such as a hospital, private clinic or specialty clinic.

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Connecticut Ultrasound Schools

Featured Online Schools:

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Traditional On Campus Programs:


Gateway Community College (New Haven, CT)
Programs Offered:
Associate in Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Associate in Science in Radiography

University of Hartford (West Hartford, CT)
Programs Offered:
Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology
Certificate in Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Certificate in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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