Cardiovascular Technologist Programs in Kansas

Cardiac Ultrasound (Echocardiography) Programs in Kansas

Also known as cardiac sonographers, cardiac ultrasound technicians assist doctors with the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and assessment of heart performance through the use of ultrasound equipment. If you are contemplating a career as a cardiac ultrasound technician, Kansas offers job opportunities in hospitals, medical labs, physicians’ offices, and diagnostic labs.

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The echocardiography sector of the medical industry can provide career stability in today’s struggling economy while allowing you to help patients. In order to become a successful echocardiograph technologist in Kansas, you will need to have a thorough understanding of:

  • Operating ultrasound imaging equipment
  • Creating images
  • Conducting tests
  • Recording findings
  • Maintaining ultrasound equipment
  • Preparing patients

Depending on your field of expertise, you may also assist surgeons or physicians during surgical procedures. Enrolling in an accredited cardiac ultrasound program, obtaining the correct certificates, and earning your license can help you ascertain a position at a medical facility in Kansas, helping you gain the necessary expertise to succeed as a cardiac ultrasound technologist.

Echo Tech/Cardiac Ultrasound Education in Kansas

Before you can enroll in any cardiac ultrasound program in Kansas, you will need to pass the school’s required prerequisites. Many cardiac ultrasound programs in Kansas require you to complete coursework in physiology, anatomy, and medical terminology before enrollment is approved.

When entering an echo technology school, you may choose to enroll in an associate’s degree program, which requires two years of educational training, or a bachelor’s degree program, which requires four years of educational training. All cardiac ultrasound programs entail the fulfillment of clinical training and classroom instruction before you can graduate, preparing you for work in fast-paced environments.

Classroom subjects may typically cover:

  • Ultrasound physics
  • Echocardiography
  • Applied sciences
  • Anatomy
  • Medical terminology

Whether you wish to earn your degree online or on campus, you can utilize financial aid options to help you pay for college. You may qualify for Federal Student Aid or a Federal Pell Grant, which is based off your financial need. Many colleges in Kansas offer scholarships if you meet the qualifying requirements, or you can take advantage of work-study jobs or low-interest loans offered by the federal government. In any case, you should research all your available options to help pay for your echocardiography degree.

Echo Tech Careers in Kansas

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay wage for diagnostic ultrasound techs, which includes cardiac ultrasound technicians, is approximately $64,040 (BLS, 2013). The ARDMS allows you to focus on a specific area in echocardiography, such as fetal echocardiography, adult echocardiography, or pediatric echocardiography. In order to qualify for the ARDMS licensing exam, you will need to prove you have earned your ultrasound technology degree, completed 60 credit hours and clinical training, and provide the required documentation. By earning your certification, you can potentially make up to $87,460 annually in Kansas (BLS, 2013).

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Currently, Kansas has 580 ultrasound sonographers employed at medical facilities. The BLS reports that the overall ultrasound sonography job outlook is predicting an employment gain of 39 percent by 2022 (BLS, 2013). With this increase, Kansas may see an additional 226 job openings in the next few years, opening up many new career opportunities for you at medical facilities and labs.

Many employers in this state are now requiring you to register with an accredited governing medical body, such as the AART. Once you have become a registered cardiac ultrasound technologist, you will need to renew your certification every couple of years by completing 24 more continuing education credits.

If you are ready to learn more about how you can get started as a cardiac ultrasound technician, submit your request for information to the schools listed below that offer EKG tech classes in Kansas.