Cardiovascular Technologist Programs in South Carolina

Cardiovascular Ultrasound/Sonography is a career in the healthcare field that is rapidly advancing due to more sophisticated equipment, allowing cardiologists to diagnose and treat cardiac patients in a noninvasive fashion. It is also one of the higher paid professions for students with an associate degree, making it a great entry level profession.

Contact the schools listed below that offer echo tech programs in South Carolina to learn more about your options for study and how to get started in this medical career.

You can enter a certificate program, or get an associate, bachelor or master’s degree in Cardiac Ultrasound in South Carolina. Higher levels of education can provide advanced career opportunities as they provide a more complex concentration and expertise in sonography education. Obviously a shorter program can provide employment more quickly.

Some of the aspects of the sonographers job includes obtaining and analyzing ultrasound data and recognizing pathology and physiologic changes as they compare to the patient’s other diagnostic studies, which aids in diagnosis.

As a technician you will interact professionally with physicians, and you will be a patient advocate. If you are interested in this career, it is a good idea to compare available accredited educational programs before making a decision.

Echo Tech/Cardiac Ultrasound Education in South Carolina

South Carolina does not have specific requirements for the diagnostic medical sonographers; however, most employers require their ultrasound technicians to have a professional certification in addition to their education.

The total required credits for an Associate’s degree in Cardiac Sonography typically range around 76 with 43 of those credit hours specific to cardiovascular imaging. The curriculum can include:

  • Patient Care for the Health Sciences
  • Introduction to Sonography with Lab I, II, III
  • Introduction to Clinical Practicum I, II
  • Fundamentals of Sonographic Imaging
  • Cardiac Sonography I, II
  • Vascular SonographyI, II
  • Cardiovascular Specialties I, II
  • Case Studies in Cardiovascular sonography I, II
  • Sonography Physics and Instrumentation I, II
  • Seminars in Sonography I, II
  • Clinical Practicum I, II
  • Clinical InternshipI, II
  • Advanced Specialties in Sonography I, II
  • Introduction to Christian Ethics
  • Concepts of Pathophysiology
  • Issues in Grieving and Loss
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After graduation it is important to get your certification. It is considered the standard of practice in ultrasound. The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography offers the credentialing exams. Their mission is to promote safety, and every employer will look at your resume for proof of this credential. The cost of this test is $500.

If you need assistance with tuition, complete the FAFSA application, which is a federal grant based on your income. South Carolina has a student Loan Corporation that will assist you with the variety of private student loans. They have grants and tuition repayment programs.

Echo Tech Careers in South Carolina

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Cardiovascular Technicians in South Carolina earned an annual average income of $44,230 in 2014.

Sonographers are employed by hospitals, physicians offices, outpatient care centers, medical and diagnostic laboratory and care centers. This is a rapidly growing occupation that may offer you q rewarding and fulfilling career.

Contact the schools you are interested in to learn more about your options for becoming an echo tech in South Carolina today.