Cardiovascular Technologist Programs in Virginia

If you would like a career in the healthcare industry but you aren’t certain about which career to choose, consider getting more information about the field of ultrasound technology. Ultrasound technicians, also known as echocardiogram technicians, have a rewarding, challenging career that allow them to interact with patients, doctors, nurses, and other medical staff while contributing to the overall quality of care of the patients.

Ultrasound technicians administer scans to patients that produce valuable information for the development of the patient’s treatment plans. After receiving education specific to ultrasound technology, ultrasound techs work hand in hand with patients, families and the entire medical team to ensure the highest level of care possible. As the demand for quality healthcare professionals continues to grow, so may the need for trained, skilled ultrasound technicians.

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Echocardiogram/Ultrasound Schools in Virginia

Virginia does not require licensure to begin working as an ultrasound technician. However, several universities and educational institutions offer programs in radiology that specialize in sonography. Those colleges that are accredited through the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health are preferred, as these degree programs are well respected in the healthcare field.

Whether at a brick and mortar university or through an online cardiovascular ultrasound program, the career track includes traditional coursework in anatomy, pathophysiology, imaging principles and techniques, medical ethics, and record keeping.

There are also one year certificate programs available for those who already have a medical degree and want to change to ultrasound technology. Traditional core coursework will include anatomy, physiology, imaging technology, medical ethics and medical record-keeping. Clinical coursework will prepare the technician with hands-on training with the latest equipment and techniques.

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Even though Virginia does not require a license to practice, most employers will require that employees receive certification from a recognized medical organization such as AART (American Association of Radiology Technicians) or ARDMS (American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography).

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Each organization has rigorous standards for membership including comprehensive educational requirements, mandatory ethical standards and a passing score on a competency exam demonstrating mastery with the various imaging tools and techniques required on the job.

Certification with both organizations also requires renewal every two years which is accomplished with continuing education requirements.

Working as a Cardiac Ultrasound/Echocardiogram Technician in Virginia

Becoming an ultrasound technician offers many different personal and professional benefits. As an echo tech, you will work in clinical settings directly with patients. The ultrasound technician is responsible for administering imaging scans of patients, analyzing that data and reporting it to various medical colleagues including doctors, nurses, and specialists so an accurate treatment plan can be developed.

Cardiac ultrasound technicians can expect to find secure employment in hospitals, radiology departments or clinics, specialty clinics, urgent care clinics, and private physician’s offices. The mean salary for ultrasound technicians in Virginia is $72,800 according to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Becoming an ultrasound technician in Virginia is an excellent way to secure a stable, well-paying job with very little education. For more information on how to begin in this fast-paced, challenging field, contact the schools you see below to learn more.