Cardiac Technician Careers and Degrees

Becoming a Cardiac Ultrasound/Echo Technician in Wyoming

There are hundreds of different careers available in the healthcare industry and this number will likely continue to rise as the demand for accessible healthcare rises. If you want a career in healthcare that is challenging, fast-paced and doesn’t require several years of education, consider a career in the field of ultrasound technology.

You can learn more about becoming a cardiac ultrasound technician in Wyoming by contacting the schools listed below for program details.

Ultrasound technologists work diligently in cooperation with the entire medical team, including doctors, nurses, and other medical workers, to provide valuable technical information that is crucial in the development of an effective treatment plan.

Also known as echocardiogram technicians, these highly skilled professionals administer scans in a variety of settings to provide diagnostic information that is used to create a diagnosis for the patient. Excellent communication skills are necessary for this job because you will responsible for analyzing the images that are produced and accurately relaying this information to your entire medical team as well as to patient’s family members.

Echocardiogram/Ultrasound Schools in Wyoming

Wyoming is a beautiful expanse of mountains and plains, but in the more highly populated areas, there are many different options available for gaining an education in the field of ultrasound technology. Most programs do not offer specific academic tracks for ultrasound, or echocardiogram, technology but a two-year program in radiology will provide a broad range of coursework that includes specific courses in imaging technology.

Upon completing a two-year program, you will be able to apply for certification with the AART, or American Association of Radiology Technicians.

While Wyoming does not have specific licensure requirements, most employers will require certification with a recognized medical organization like AART. Another similar organization, the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography, or ARDMS, also carries specific educational and technical requirements for membership. Both organizations have competency exams that must be passed as well. These exams require the applicant to demonstrate specific skills to mastery. Each certification must be renewed every two years.

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Coursework is available from a traditional campus in several of the larger, more populated areas in Wyoming. Online educational opportunities are also available for the academic coursework which will include courses like anatomy, physiology, basic medical ethics, imaging technology and medical record keeping.

Clinical settings will offer the student opportunities to work hands-on with the latest equipment and technology. To gather more information about the many exciting opportunities available, contact the schools listed on our site.

Working as a Cardiac Ultrasound/Echocardiogram Technician in Wyoming

There are many different jobs available in the field of ultrasound technology in Wyoming. Echo techs will find employment in hospitals, clinics, private doctor’s practices, radiology clinics, or specialty clinics – anywhere that imaging must be done in order to provide an accurate diagnosis. Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians can expect a mean salary of $48,410 in Wyoming according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2014).

This figure will vary from region to region across the state. Experience and education will also affect salary. The personal and professional benefits of becoming an echocardiogram technician are just as impressive. If you want a career that will allow you job security, good pay, and respect from your patients and your professional colleagues, request more information from the Wyoming schools offering echo cardiogram programs today.