MRI Technician Schools in Alaska

The health care community of Alaska relies on a huge network of medical personnel to collaborate and give patients the high level of care they deserve. MRI technicians are an important part of medical imaging, surgical, and emergency centers all over the state. If you’re looking for a way to contribute to the field of health care, you may want to become an MRI tech in Alaska. This career requires an eye for detail, the ability to work independently, and an intense interest in patient care.

To find MRI tech certification and degree programs available in Alaska, have a look at the options on this page. Request information from all of those you find so you can compare MRI technician programs across the state.

MRI technicians and students in Alaska can benefit from membership in the Alaska Society of Radiologic Technologists. Members of this organization may receive help with licensing, learn about regulation changes and network with other MRI professionals.
Many healthcare institutions in Alaska are upgrading their MRI equipment as they realize how valuable this technology can be. This may give you access to the newest and most up-to-date equipment in the industry, helping you perfect your skills and help patients even more. The Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson reports that a local hospital recently spent $1.2 million to upgrade their MRI machine. As a result, MRI techs and other imaging technicians can now capture crisp, clear images in most situations.

Working as an MRI tech may even allow you to work in non-human medical settings! ADN notes that veterinary MRI technology is increasing in popularity in this state.

MRI Technology Education in Alaska

There are many varied options for MRI education in Alaska, so it’s important to look at different schools in your area and decide which type of program is a good fit for you. Associate’s degree programs are often a popular entry point. They require about two years of study. If you decide to earn a certificate or diploma, you may spend as little as one year in school.

To thrive in this field, you will need a comprehensive understanding of the human body. Throughout the course of your career, you may be expected to accurately image many parts of the human body. Courses that focus on the human body include Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology, and Patient Care Medical Imaging. To be able to accurately describe and document different conditions and disorders, you may also have to take Medical Terminology.

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The majority of the courses you take will likely center around MRI techniques and science. These machines are expensive and you need to be skilled in using them before starting a career. You’ll develop your MRI skills in classes like MRI Procedures, MRI Clinical Education, and MRI Physics. In these courses, you can also meet your clinical requirements. You may use the school’s MRI equipment to get practical experience.

MRI Technician Careers in Alaska

Generally, there are several career paths you can choose from once you complete your education. In Alaska, however, medical facilities tend to be few and far apart. As a result, you may be limited by where you live and how far you are willing to commute. Try looking for jobs at imaging centers, hospitals, and physician offices. Local employers include Providence Health & Services, Quest Diagnostics, and Kuskokwim Hospital.

Licensure is required only if you take on additional duties as an MRI technician. The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services oversees licensing. If you are just using MRI machines, you do not have to worry about licensure.

The job outlook for MRI technologists is positive in Alaska. In the decade ranging from 2012 to 2022, O*Net expects job openings to increase by 23 percent. This growth rate is on par with the national average. Job openings may be more prevalent in cities with a greater variety of health care centers.

Salaries in this specialty vary widely depending on experience, optional certifications, and seniority. The average salary for an Alaska MRI technician is $78,200 per year, according to O*Net. The high end of the pay scale goes up to $92,800 per year (O*Net, 2013).