MRI Technician Schools in Delaware

MRI technicians are a prominent part of health care throughout New England. Medical imaging is a crucial part of diagnosing, treating, and following up on diseases. By learning how to use MRI machines and capture clear, precise images, you can become a contributing member of a health care team. Take a few moments to request information from the MRI technician schools in Delaware that are listed on this page to learn more.

This field is growing rapidly—so rapidly, in fact, that there are organizations for professionals in this line of work. The Delaware Society of Radiology Professionals is a networking and educational resource for people working in medical imaging. Members can learn more about their educational options, learn about new techniques in the field, and network with other medical imaging professionals.

The skills gained in an MRI program can be used to further medical research in many different areas. reports on recent research that looked at the effects of exercise on children’s brains. Using MRI images, they followed a group of Delaware children and found that exercise can lead to higher test scores and better cognitive functioning.

Medical Press reports on more MRI research coming out of Delaware. With more detailed, higher-powered MRI machines, technicians can more precisely navigate different parts of the brain and understand the effects of different treatments and therapies.

MRI Education in Delaware

In order to become an MRI technician in Delaware, you must attend an accredited training program and learn all about the theory and techniques behind MRI technology. As you plan out your education, you should anticipate spending at least one year in school. Many programs in this state require closer to two years of full-time education.

It’s likely that your training will start out with classes like Physical Principles of MRI and MRI Safety & Applications. These courses can build a base of knowledge that you use throughout your education and career. In Physical Principles of MRI, you learn about how MRI technology works and what factors affect the quality of your images. Safety and applications courses are incredibly important. They teach you how this technology is used, the ways in which doctors use your images, and how to maintain a safe environment at all times while working.

Once you’ve demonstrated an ability to understand the complex science behind medical imaging, you can move onto courses that help you learn how to use an MRI machine. You may take classes like MRI Procedures and Imaging Procedures. Some of your time may be spent in the classroom, learning about capturing images and different techniques. However, you’ll probably spend quite a bit of time getting practical clinical experience.

MRI Careers in Delaware

The first step to working as an MRI technician in Delaware is getting the right license. Your local public health department will be responsible for maintaining your license. You must pass the MRI technologist exam offered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Once you have your license, it is good for four years. Unlike most other states, Delaware does not have any continuing education requirements.

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Your new career may give you the chance to work in many different settings. If you work in a large city, there may be more options at dedicated imaging clinics or universities. Otherwise, you may work at a community clinic or hospital. Across Delaware, some of the largest employers are Diagnostic Imaging Associates, FUJIFILM Medical Systems, and First State Orthopaedics.

Delaware may offer MRI technicians a positive job outlook. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net anticipates a 16 percent increase in MRI jobs. Furthermore, salaries in this state tend to be above the national average. Per O*Net, the average salary for a Delaware MRI technician is $70,300 per year.

There are lots of options out there for dedicated students that want to work in health care. Contact local MRI schools to find out if this is the right career for you and how you can get started.