MRI Technician Schools in Indiana

Medical technology is some of the most advanced and rapidly-changing technology in the entire world. That’s why doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel rely heavily on professionals that are trained in the usage of advanced medical imaging tools. By dedicating yourself to a career in the field of medical imaging and attending a program in this specialty, you can use your expertise to improve the lives of patients all over Indiana. Contact the schools on this page to learn more about your options for becoming an MRI tech in Indiana today.

MRI technology can be an excellent field to work in because of all of the research conducted in this field. Imagine going to work every day and knowing that your work is contributing to a better understanding of the human body and mind. In Medical News Today, researchers uncovered how the human brain can be physically altered by one’s life experiences. Of course, researchers rely on skilled MRI technicians to capture usable images for this research! According to the Deseret News, MRI imaging has even been used to chart the effect of charity work on volunteers’ brains.

The Indiana Society of Radiologic Technologists is a professional resource for students and workers in the medical imaging field. As a member, you may be able to attend annual conferences, complete continuing education hours, and network with peers at group events.

MRI Education in Indiana

Just like any other career in the medical field, MRI technology requires a comprehensive education that gives you the competence to work in a variety of settings. You may want to start your search by looking into community colleges, technical colleges, and medical training centers. If you’d like to earn a diploma or certificate, you may be able to graduate in as little as one year. If you would rather earn an Associate’s degree, you will probably spend at least two years earning your degree.

Before you can dig into the specifics of MRI technology, you need a general understanding of the health care industry and the human body. Because of this, your first semester may include classes like Anatomy and Physiology, Sectional Anatomy, and Medical Diagnostic Procedures. These courses allow you to start getting comfortable with medical imaging while enhancing your knowledge of the human body.

Once you’ve met the prerequisite requirements of your program, you can begin taking MRI-specific classes. Classes may include Imaging Procedures, MRI Pathology, Principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and Safety in MRI Technology. Clinical experience is a major part of this portion of your education. Several Indiana programs offer 500 or more hours of clinical work before graduation.

MRI Careers in Indiana

Indiana is a state with many health care providers and employers, so you may be able to enjoy a wide range of employment opportunities as an MRI technician. This state is home to medical imaging centers, specialty clinics, and hospitals that all use the services of medical imaging professionals. Some of the largest employers in this state are FUJIFILM Medical Systems, Center for Diagnostic Imaging, and Eskenazi Health.

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The Indiana State Department of Health regulates the MRI technician career path through their Medical Radiology Services Program. This program requires you to pass the ARRT exam in magnetic resonance imaging. Your license is good for two years.

Expected job growth in Indiana is in line with what is expected across the country. O*Net predicts a 20 percent increase in MRI technician job openings between 2012 and 2022.

Estimates provided by O*Net show that MRI technicians can earn fairly competitive salaries in Indiana. The average salary for this career is $63,900 per year (O*Net, 2013).

MRI technology is a growing field with many promising opportunities. Get started by learning more about MRI technician schools in Indiana and requesting program materials directly from our site.