MRI Technician Schools in Montana

Health care in Montana is such a wide and varied field that there is space for people with many different skills and interests. MRI technology can be an engaging field for health care professionals. If you enjoy working with new technology, engaging with patients, and collaborating with health care professionals at different levels, this may be an excellent field of study for you.

We have compiled a complete listing of all your options for MRI tech certification and degrees in Montana to help. You can contact the schools directly from our site to request information about how to get started in this rewarding medical career.

If you want to work in medical imaging, it’s important to be willing to keep up with new developments in the field. new research in MRI imaging has helped doctors determine when a stroke happened, allowing them to use more timely interventions. In addition, MRI technology has even been used for lion mountain cubs in Montana, according to The Missoulian. Becoming an MRI technician can give you the opportunity to take part in exciting new uses of MRI technology, and can give you a solid career in a growing field.

The Montana Society of Radiologic Technologists is a local organization that provides professional support to MRI technicians and other medical imaging specialists. They host an annual convention for medical imaging professionals, helping new and experienced MRI technicians learn about new techniques and developments in the industry. Members can also network with other medical imaging professionals.

MRI Tech Education in Montana

Montana schools are dedicated to increasing the amount of MRI technicians through comprehensive training programs and degree programs. Instructors need to ensure that you meet many different learning goals by the time you graduate. Your training should help you develop an understanding of magnetic resonance imaging, understand the multitude of ways in which it’s used, and effectively use MRI technology to image different conditions and different parts of the body.

Your training may start with basic courses like Introduction to MRI, Physics in MRI Technology, and MRI Clinical Education. These courses help you build an understanding of various MRI techniques and abilities. In a local imaging center or hospital, you may start working with professional-grade MRI equipment to establish your patient care skills.

As you progress in your education, you’ll learn about how to image different parts of the body’s anatomy and work around different obstacles that can make imaging more difficult. It’s clear that hands-on experience is a crucial part of this, since you never know what type of imaging you’ll be expected to do in your post-graduation career. The connections you build during these experiences may also help you in your job search, so it’s important to remember the ethics and professionalism taught to you during your classes.

MRI Technology Careers in Montana

The Montana Board of Radiologic Technologists has stringent licensing requirements for MRI technicians and others that use medical imaging equipment. You must take the exam administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and apply for your license. The resulting license is good for two years. You must also register with the ARRT and keep your registration valid with them to keep your license.

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Once you’ve earned your license, you can begin the job search! Montana, though fairly spread out, is still home to many significant health care employers. Your MRI skills may be needed at major employers like Pondera Medical Center, Fujifilm Medical Systems, CareHere, and Northern Rockies Medical Center.

Through 2022, the job outlook for MRI technicians is positive. In this time frame, O*Net expects a 22 percent increase in job openings throughout the state.
Salaries in medical imaging vary widely between individuals and employers. Though you may start out at an entry-level salary, furthering your education and building on your experience may increase your income potential. Per O*Net, the average salary for an MRI specialist in Montana is $59,600 per year. The high end of the scale goes up to $76,200 per year, depending upon your education, experience and place of employment (O*Net, 2013).

To learn more about how to become an MRI technician in Montana, contact all of the schools offering programs in MT today.