MRI Technician Schools in Nevada

One of the biggest benefits of working in the health care field is the wide variety of careers you can choose from. If you like the idea of interacting with patients but also want to work with high-end medical technology, you may consider becoming an MRI technician. Nevada has many MRI technician programs that teach you how to use MRI machines, catch usable scans, and interact professionally with patients and other medical staff.

If you are already certain that you’d like to become an MRI tech in NV, your next step is to contact the schools you see below and request detailed program information.

As more medical centers and health care providers begin to use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) specialists for their medical imaging needs, the professional community in Nevada continues to grow. The Nevada Society of Radiologic Technologists aims to improve patient care standards by educating MRI technicians, providing networking opportunities for working professionals, and enhancing the leadership skills of medical imaging professionals. This organization also offers student membership, so you may be able to learn from working technicians while still earning your degree.

Completing a degree in this field can give you the opportunity to contribute to important medical research. Researchers are always looking for new ways to use MRI machines and make medical care more efficient. According to Ithaca College, recent advances in research have advanced the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a widely misunderstood and mistreated disease (2018).

MRI Technology Education in Nevada

MRI technician programs in Nevada are designed to prepare students for the rigorous professional challenges of a career in magnetic resonance imaging. Your curriculum may be centered on a set of learning outcomes that outline what you should try to learn as a student. After honing your basic imaging skills, you may need to demonstrate your competence in advanced imaging techniques. Your classes may also help you figure out a machine’s capabilities and use these capabilities to their greatest potential. As you work through your courses, you may create a strong sense of patient safety and proper equipment usage.

Early classes in your curriculum may focus on the professional role of MRI technician and the science behind this technology. Required classes often include Sectional Anatomy, MRI Usage in Health Care, and Pre-Clinical Preparation.

Later, your classes may use your knowledge of the human body to work on your medical imaging skills. Before you graduate, you may have to take courses like MRI Procedures and Pathophysiology, MRI Image Analysis, and MRI Certification Exam Preparation. Clinical practice is very important in this field. You can plan on completing over 500 hours of real clinical experience during your MRI program.

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The length of your program depends on which Nevada school you attend and what type of degree you want to earn. To get a certificate or diploma in MRI technology, you should expect to spend about one year in school. If you want an associate degree, which also includes general education credits, you may need to spend two years in school.

MRI Technician Careers in Nevada

Though most states do have licensure requirements for MRI technicians, Nevada does not currently require MRI technicians to obtain any license or certification. However, that doesn’t mean that employers will necessarily hire you without any certification. The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists offers optional certification to MRI technicians. Once you pass their written exam and register, you can get certified for two years. You must complete 24 hours of ongoing education in every two-year period.

Anticipated job growth in Nevada shows that this field is expanding throughout the state. O*Net predicts a 16% increase in job openings between 2016 and 2026 (2018).

Across Nevada, MRI salaries tend to be significantly higher than the national average. Per O*Net, the average salary for a Nevada MRI technician is $84,120 per year (2018).

Your MRI training may prepare you to work in a number of health care settings. Many employers are based out of Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada’s two largest cities. Prominent employers include UnitedHealth Group, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Alaris.

The field of medical imaging may continue to grow for years to come. Take your place in this industry by learning more about MRI technician programs in Nevada today.