MRI Technician Schools in New York

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MRI Technician Training in New York

One of the earliest decisions you have to make as an MRI technician student is what kind of degree you’d like to earn. Many schools have an MRI technician certificate program; these programs tend to include 30 credits, so they can be completed in about one year. Some technical and community colleges also offer Associate’s degree programs; you can typically earn an Associate’s degree in two years. Across the country, it is becoming more and more common for schools to offer online certification programs.

Theory is an essential component of your MRI technology education. A strong background in science is necessary, so you may have to take courses like Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry, and Human Biology. You can then move on to theory-based courses like Radiobiology, Radiographic Principles, and Introduction to Diagnostic Imaging.

While theory is important, you can’t start an MRI technology career without knowing how to use an MRI machine. Your curriculum will likely include courses like Radiographic Equipment, Radiographic Methods, and Basic Radiographic Procedure. These courses allow you to work hands-on with your school’s MRI technology. In addition, you may be expected to complete a clinical course of 500-1000 hours at the end of your degree.

MRI Technician Licensing/Certifications in New York

To work as an MRI technician in New York, you must seek licensure through the New York Department of Health. The images you get as an MRI technician will be used by doctors for many different purposes, so it’s important to prove that you have the skills you need to be part of a medical team.

To get your license, you must pass a state-administered radiologic technology exam or an exam administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Once you pass this exam, you get a license that is good for four years.

Prior to renewing your license every four years, you must meet the state’s continuing education requirements. During each four-year period, you must complete 48 hours of continuing education.

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Career and Employment Information for MRI Techs in New York

Once you have completed your education and earned your MRI technician license, you can start looking for MRI technician jobs! The majority of jobs are at hospitals, since most New York hospitals have robustly-staffed medical imaging centers. When you work at a hospital, you may be expected to work night and weekend hours. There are also many standalone medical imaging centers and doctor’s offices that employ MRI technicians. In New York, some of the biggest employers are Elmhurst Hospital, Roseland Community Hospital, and Horizon Healthcare.

As a new MRI technician, you may want to join the New York State Society of Radiologic Sciences. This group offers a huge range of professional support services to radiologic professionals. You can receive legislative updates, get early access to ongoing education events, and find new job postings.

One of the benefits of starting a career in this dynamic field is the positive job outlook. No matter what the economy is like, medical care is still a staple in New York. According to O*Net, the demand for MRI technicians is expected to increase by 26% between 2016 and 2026 (2018). This is much higher than the national average and it is greater job growth than in many other fields. The average annual income for an MRI technologist in New York is $80,030 per year (O*Net, 2018).