Colorado Radiology Tech Careers and Degrees

Receiving your Radiologic Technologist Training in Colorado

While people who desire to work as a radiology tech need medical training, it is also important to have a natural sense of compassion. In this role, you will deal with patients of all ages and backgrounds who need to get an X-ray. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable and may not understand what is happening to them. You need excellent communication skills as you explain the procedure and keep the patient calm throughout it.

Most employers prefer radiology technicians to have an associate degree, although you may be able to complete a certificate program in as little as six to 12 months. It is important that you select an accredited program and one that offers you the opportunity to complete an internship at a medical facility in your community. You can expect to study human anatomy in-depth before moving on to learn about the proper operation of radiology equipment. Although the doctor is the one to interpret the report, you must understand what you are looking at when you perform a patient X-ray.

Licensing Requirements for Radiology Technicians in Colorado

There are four different types of radiology licenses that may be issued under Colorado state law. These include:

  • License to practice mammography must be renewed every other year
  • A person with a limited Radiologist Technology license can perform X-ray procedures on the upper and lower extremities, skull, spine and chest as well as bone density procedures. To work in this position, you must pass the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT) exam and be certified to work in a non-hospital setting.
  • Computer Tomography (CT) radiologists must be registered with the ARRT and pass the exam.
  • Radiation Therapists must pass the Colorado state exam and the ARRT exam. The license must be renewed every other year.

You must be a graduate of a school accredited by the AART before you can take the exam. The Colorado Radiological Society provides training materials for students and professionals in this field.

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Colorado Radiologic Technology Association

Colorado Society of Radiologic Technologists

Career Outlook for Radiology Technicians in Colorado

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the growth outlook for radiology technicians is expected to remain strong through at least the end of this decade. The nationwide demand is expected to be 28 percent, which is much higher than the average occupation. With an anticipated growth rate of 44 percent, the demand for diagnostic medical sonographers is even higher. In 2011, the BLS reported the following salaries for people with radiology training in Colorado:

  • Radiologic Technologists, $58,780
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologists, $74,830
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, $79,540
  • Radiation Therapists, $89,690
  • Physician and Surgeon Radiologists, $190,740

The median salary for radiologic technicians in Colorado is approximately $4,000 higher than the national average. According to a 2012 BLS report, there are 3,240 residents in Colorado who are employed in this field. Hospitals, medical clinics, laboratories and outpatient care centers have the highest demand for radiology technicians.