Radiology Technician Schools in Illinois

Receiving Your Radiologic Technologist Training in Illinois

Helping to diagnose medical conditions through x-rays, radiology technicians take the proper precautionary measures to make sure patients retain minimal radiation exposure. In order to legally practice as a radiology tech in Illinois, you need to complete the required educational and training programs at an accredited college. We can help you get on the right track!

Various accredited programs are available in Illinois for aspiring radiologist technicians, allowing you to choose between a certificate program, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree. Radiologist technician programs equip aspiring technicians with necessary technical skills through classroom instruction and clinical training. You should expect one to two years of schooling for a radiology certificate, two years for an associate’s degree, and four years for a bachelor’s degree. Coursework may include, radiographic physics, radiation protection, principles of radiological imaging, pathology, and special radiography procedures.

You will need to successfully finish clinical practicums in clinics and medical facilities. Progressive clinic education helps students enhance the radiology practice and patient care in order to be a successful radiology technician. Many training programs provide clinical radiology technology practicums to allow students to practice their radiology studies under the supervision of a professional.

Radiology Technician Licensing in Illinois

Radiology technicians need to obtain licensure through AART, signifying the technician has met the national medical standards for interventional procedures, radiation therapy, and medical imaging. Radiology technicians must complete an accredited radiography program, pass the AART examination, and apply at the Illinois Emergency Management Agency for licensure.

The state of Illinois requires radiological technologists to obtain a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education every two years in order to maintain their licensure. Technicians can obtain their continuing education by completing advanced degree coursework, attending a symposium or course lecture, or completing advanced certifications.

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Illinois Radiologic Technology Association

Illinois Society of Radiologic Technologists

Career Outlook for Radiology Tech Jobs in Illinois

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that employment for radiology technicians is expected to increase by approximately 28 percent between 2010 and 2020, which is faster than the national occupation average. According to the BLS, radiology technician salary ranges from $36,510 and $76,850, depending on the available position, years of experience, skills, educational attainments, and place of employment. Because x-ray imaging can be needed anytime, most technicians work full time as well as may be available for evenings, on call, and weekends.

Even though many radiology technicians work at hospitals, potential career opportunities are available in physician’s offices and imaging centers to help treat patients treat and diagnose medical conditions, such as osteoporosis. Many private dentist facilities, outpatient medical centers, and diagnostic imaging stations provide job opportunities for those who have earned a degree as a radiology technician. Technicians who obtain additional certification in a specialized field can obtain a position as a nuclear medicine technologist, cardiovascular technician or technologist, vascular technologist, and diagnostic medical sonographer.