Kentucky Radiology Technician Careers and Degrees

Receiving your Radiologic Technologist Training in Kentucky

For prospective students who would like to pursue a career as a radiologic techologist, the road begins with receiving training at a state-approved school or institute. A typical curriculum in radiologic technology will include courses in anatomy and physiology as well as procedural courses through which you will learn the standards and practices of operating equipment you will be required to use once you become employed. Courses in the beginning of the curriculum are generally very theoretical while the latter courses become increasingly interactive and hands-on.

Radiology Technician Licensing in Kentucky

In the State of Kentucky, all technicians who operate diagnostic x-ray machines must become certified before they are permitted to legally begin their career. Prospective radiologic technicians must first present proof of graduation from an accredited program in radiology. Next, applicants must show proof of having successfully completed a certification exam issued by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). General certificates are issued to applicants who have completed both the education and certification exam requirements. Those who have completed the educational training requirements, but are awaiting their certification exam date may receive a temporary certificate. Individuals may also hold limited certification; however, these people may not be employed for positions in facilities that require the use of contrast media.

Career Outlook for Radiology Tech Jobs in Kentucky

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, radiology technician jobs are projected to grow 28 percent between 2010 and 2020, which translates to an estimated 61,000 new positions for aspiring radiology technicians to fill. The aging population in the United States is believed to be a major driver of job growth in this particular career field. The median pay in 2010 for radiologic technologists was approximately $54,300. As the cost of living is generally lower in Kentucky, technicians in the stay may earn a slightly lower average salary than their counterparts in states that have higher living costs.

The favorable employment growth projections and competitive salaries that are enjoyed by radiology technicians play a large role in attracting young students and older adults who are looking for a career change. However, those who genuinely enjoy working with patients and playing a key role in a medical setting are more likely to also have job satisfaction and career longevity as a radiologic technologist.


ATA Career Education (Louisville, KY)
Programs Offered:
Limited Medical Radiography – Diploma (Louisville)

Bowling Green Technical College (Bowling Green, KY)
Programs Offered:
Associate in Applied Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Associate in Applied Science in Radiography
Certificate in Basic Vascular Technology
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Diploma

Daymar College (Bellevue, KY / Bowling Green, KY)
Programs Offered:
Billing and Coding Specialist Associate
Billing and Coding Specialist Diploma
Cardiographic Technician
Medical Assisting – Associate
Medical Assisting – Clinical, Associate
Medical Assisting Diploma
Pharmacy Technology Associate

(Saint Catharine, KY)
Programs Offered:
Associate of Science in Diagnostic Sonography: Cardiac Sonography
Associate of Science in Diagnostic Sonography: General Sonography
Associate of Science in Diagnostic Sonography: Vascular Sonography
Associate of Science in Radiography
Bachelor of Science in Advanced Medical Imaging: Computed Tomography Specialization
Bachelor of Science in Advanced Medical Imaging: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Specialization

(Lexington, KY / Louisville, KY)
Programs Offered:
Clinical Assistant Diploma with Limited Medical Radiography Diploma (Louisville)
Invasive Cardiovascular Technology, AAS (Louisville)
Limited Medical Radiography – Diploma (Lexington)
Limited Medical Radiography – Diploma (Louisville)
Medical Administrative Assistant – Diploma
Medical Clinical Specialties – Associates
Medical Laboratory Technician – Associates
Phlebotomy – Certificate
Radiologic Technology – (Lexington)
Radiologic Technology – Associate (Louisville)
Surgical Technology AAS (Louisville)

West Kentucky Community & Technical College (Paducah, KY)
Programs Offered:
Associate in Applied Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Associate in Applied Science in Radiography
Basic Vascular Technology Certificate