Ohio Radiology Technician Careers and Degrees

Receiving your Radiologic Technologist Training in Ohio

When a doctor is uncertain what is causing a patient’s symptoms, he or she frequently orders an X-ray to be performed on that patient. However, the doctor is not the one to complete the X-ray because that is the job of a certified radiology technician. People who enjoy counseling patients and who want to work in the medical field without devoting several years to schooling are especially equipped for this position. Educational options range from a certificate program to a bachelor degree, although an associate degree is the most common requirement.

Before you get into the technical aspect of your post-secondary educational program, you are expected to demonstrate broad understanding of these subjects; anatomy, biology, chemistry, communications, computer science, mathematics, medical terminology, physics, and statistics. You will also discuss medical ethics at length and be expected to complete an offsite internship before earning your degree or certificate. In an accredited program, you should study both X-ray technology and computer tomography (CT) technology.

Licensing Requirements for Radiology Technicians in Ohio

The Ohio Department of Health requires that anyone who performs a radiologic procedure on another human must hold a valid occupational license. The state health department issues licenses for the General X-ray Machine Operator

The Ohio Department of Health has issued more than 17,000 licenses for the above positions since the Radiologic Licensure Program was founded. The purpose of the program is to ensure that medical professionals possess the knowledge and skills to work with patients receiving diagnostic and imaging services.

Before you can apply for a radiology technician license in Ohio, you need to pass an exam given by the American Registry of Radiographic Technologists (ARRT). You also need to complete 12 continuing education credits every two years to renew your license.

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Ohio Radiologic Technology Association

Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists

Career Outlook for Radiology Technicians in Ohio

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the median income for radiologist techs in Ohio was $50,960 in 2012. There were 8,620 people throughout the state employed in this position the same year. People who work in Toledo, Cleveland and Columbus earn higher average salaries than those who work in smaller cities or rural areas. Although the median salary in Ohio is lower than the national average, it is offset somewhat by the lower cost of living.

Colleges, universities and professional schools generally offer the highest salary to radiology technicians. However, hospitals employ the greatest number of people in this field. Medical laboratories have the highest concentration of radiologist techs in the country. The demand for general radiology technicians is expected to be well above average for the next several years. People who have earned a degree in a specialty field are expected to be in particularly high demand.