Radiology Technician Schools in Washington

Receiving your Radiologic Technologist Training in Washington

Several institutions of higher learning in Washington offer programs for students wishing to be licensed radiologic technologists. These programs are conveniently located throughout the state, making them very accessible to residents. Notable schools for radiologist technicians in Washington include Bellevue College, Clark College, Columbia Basin College, Spokane Community College and Prima Medical Institute in Seattle.

While specific program content and graduation requirements vary at each educational institution, the radiologic technology programs should be similar at any Washington school. Students completing a program earn an Associate in Arts degree in radiologic technology. Most programs are limited to 30 students per year, and courses must be completed over an eight-quarter, 23-month period. In addition to didactic classroom work, the program includes 1,800 hours of clinical education at local healthcare facilities.

Radiology Technician Licensing in Washington

To practice within the state, radiology technicians are required to be certified by the Washington State Department of Health (WADOH). WADOH provides residents in the state an extra layer of assurance and protection for the public over and above what is provided by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), but the two organizations work together closely.

To become certified as a radiologic technologist in Washington, individuals must meet one of the following three credentialing requirements:

  • Graduated from an accredited and approved educational program in nuclear medicine technology, diagnostic radiologic technology or therapeutic radiologic technology
  • Successfully completed the state examination for radiologic technologists
  • Registered in good standing with ARRT as a radiologic technologist

In addition, applicants must submit a personal statement concerning his or her state of physical and mental health, licensure history, felony convictions and disciplinary actions; submit a prior work history; and complete seven hours of HIV/AIDS training. While registering with ARRT is not required for applicants who graduated from an accredited educational program or passed the state examination, it is highly recommended.

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Washington Radiologic Technology Association

Washington Society of Radiologic Technologists

Career Outlook for Radiology Tech Jobs in Washington

Careers in radiology technology are extremely desirable in Washington State. They offer competitive pay, job security and opportunities for growth. The U.S. Department of Labor, through the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), reports the median radiology technician salary was $54,340 per year in 2010. However, a survey conducted in October 2013 shows that the median radiology technician salary in Washington is $63,000 per year, nearly $9,000 higher than the national median. In addition, some positions pay better than others do. Experienced radiology technicians and those with advanced degrees may earn up to $100,000 per year, and the 10 percent of technicians with the highest salaries earn at least $76,850 annually.

The job outlook for radiology techs in Washington is phenomenal. Currently, there are 8,940 positions filled in the state, and this is expected to increase by 28 percent through 2020, which is double the average growth rate for all occupations. In addition, salaries are growing for radiology techs at a disproportionate rate compared to the average salary growth in the state, which is notable for a career that only requires a two-year degree.