Alaska Sonography Tech Careers and Degrees

Receiving your Sonogram Technician Training in Alaska

Students wishing to pursue a career as a sonogram technician must complete an accredited program that will prepare them for employment as a sonogram technician. In order to enter a sonogram technician program, you will often need an existing associates degree or higher or a good amount of experience in the field.

The University of Alaska at Anchorage offers a program in diagnostic medical sonography in their School of Allied Health. Acceptance into the program is competitive, as only 10 students are admitted into the program at each application period. At the end of two years of study, graduates will be awarded with an associate’s degree in applied science.

If entering your first year, you can expect to attend classes and receive a complete education surrounding the field of sonogram technology. Second year, you will spend you time gaining real life clinical experience at a clinical training facility. This out of the classroom experience is vital to becoming a successful sonogram technician.

It is important to choose a sonography program that is recognized by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS). Upon graduation from an accredited program, you will register for and take an exam from ARDMS to gain the appropriate certification. This certification will be necessary in most cases when looking for employment.

Sonography Technician Licensing in Alaska

A state issued license is not required to become a sonography technician in Alaska. The ARDMS is often necessary to get a job as a sonogram technician in Alaska. In order to apply for and take the ARDMS exam, you must have graduated from a certified sonography technician program or have been working in the field for over one year.

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Career Outlook for Sonogram Technicians in Alaska

Alaska is a highly desirable area in which to be employed as a sonogram technician. The job outlook for sonogram technicians is growing much faster than other professions and has been expected to see growth of approximately 40%. Speculation as to why this large amount of growth is forecasted has to do with the advent and improvement of of sonogram technology will result in the need for more qualified sonogram technicians.

Alaska has been somewhat insulated from the rest of the country’s economic recession, so their healthcare industry is still going strong. There is a great deal of potential career growth and job security as a sonogram technician in Alaska.