Arizona Sonography Tech Careers and Degrees

Sonogram technicians represent a swiftly growing area of the health care industry. With thousands of new jobs expected to be added to medical facility payrolls in the next decade, training to become a sonogram technician in Arizona is a terrific career choice. A sonogram technician works with imaging equipment that’s designed to reveal what might be happening internally within a patient.

A sonogram is a common procedure for pregnant women and is used by doctors, to determine the health of a growing fetus. A sonogram technician is involved in the entire procedure, from the preliminary conversation where questions are asked about a patient’s medical history to the operation of the equipment that will capture images of the interior of the body.

Receiving your Sonogram Technician Training in Arizona

There are a few routes to finding employment as a sonogram technician, and some type of official training is required. There are associate’s degree programs as well as postsecondary certificate programs that will prepare you for work in this field. There are also opportunities to receive a bachelor’s degree in this field. A four-year degree may be an appropriate path for you if you wish to move up to the administration level within a hospital environment.

If you do not yet have experience in health care or you have not yet gone to school, you may find the most success with a traditional postsecondary education. Workers who are already in the healthcare profession and would like to change professions would be best served by a shorter certification program.

Sonography Technician Licensing in Arizona

The state of Arizona does not currently require technicians to be certified or licensed to be eligible for work, but finding employment is easiest with official certification from the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS). Conveniently, there are several ways you may obtain certification. Methods include a combination of clinical experience, education, and additional documentation such as credentials from an educational certificate program.

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After completing a standard educational course, you will then need to pay an application fee and pass two examinations including “Sonography Principles and Instrumentation,” and a specialty exam that may require expertise in fetal sonogram procedures and methods. After receiving certification from the ARDMS, a sonography technician will need to pay a yearly renewal fee to remain registered.

Career Outlook for Sonogram Technicians in Arizona

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there may be an increase of around 39 percent regarding available sonogram technician jobs (and other jobs related to imaging) in the next decade. This percentage represents an incredible level of growth and is part of the impressive expansion expected in healthcare.

Sonographers are commonly employed within state or private hospitals; however, there are some sonographers who work out of the offices of physicians, specialized laboratories, and local clinics. The healthcare industry is one of the best areas in which to find work due to the overall growth and need for healthcare professionals. If you are certified to work as a medical sonographer, you will be able to work anywhere in the country and will likely enjoy a very short job search.