Kansas Sonography Tech Careers and Degrees

In today’s uncertain job market, few careers are as certain as a career in the health profession. The health profession, and in particular the field of sonography, jobs are on the rise.

Receiving Your Sonogram Technician Training in Kansas

A diagnostic sonographer uses high frequency sound waves to take visual images of the body’s internal organs, and blood vessels to help in determining medical conditions or in the detection of disease. A standard sonography program is eighteen months long, and when completed you will be able to fully comprehend and use the imaging devices in any clinic setting. Other learning experiences will include, the ability to work closely with other medical personnel, help identify a patient’s illness and treatment, interacting with patients in a caring and positive manner.

When enrolling in a sonography program, students should first check to see if the chosen program is accredited by the state of Kansas. A list can be found at the Kansas State educational website. Class work can be done online for the prerequisite courses, but all hands on training must be done in the classroom, or in a clinical setting. Upon completion of the course, students can expect to receive a certificate from the state legally allowing them to seek employment in the state of Kansas. If you are wanting to further your degree, Didactic studies are an option. Included in this advanced course, are studies in medical law and in ethics.

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Sonography technician Licensing in Kansas

To become and remain a licensed sonographer in Kansas, a state certified certificate is required. The minimum requirement to receive the certificate is eighteen classroom and clinical hours in a state certified program. Once the class is completed, a final competency exam is required before successfully seeking employment. Sonographers are also recommended to be licensed according to the national standard. While Kansas does not yet require this added certification, thirty other states do require it. If this is something you would like to pursue, check out the certifications through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

Career Outlook for Sonogram Technicians in Kansas

As with else where in the nation, Kansas is seeing a rise in the need for qualified medical sonography technicians. Sonographers are in the unique position of being able to choice, to some level, their workplace environment. If you are looking for a career that is both rewarding and exciting, then a career in the field of medical sonography may be the perfect choice. Learn how to operate cutting edge technology, work with patients and other health care professionals, a career as a sonography technician offers it all.