South Carolina Sonography Tech Careers and Degrees

Receiving your Sonogram Technician Training in South Carolina

Becoming a sonogram technician can open many opportunities to work in a variety of medical settings. Sonogram techs typically receive training at a formal institution that offers a curriculum in sonogram technology. Prior to enrolling in a post secondary program, it is advisable for applicants to have completed core math and science classes at the high school level. Classes such as biology, algebra, calculus, and chemistry are helpful. It is also possible to complete a GED program and be accepted to an approved post secondary institution for training. Prospective sonogram technicians must ensure that the post secondary education program in which they intend to enroll is approved by the state in which they plan to work.

Sonography Technician Licensing in South Carolina

South Carolina requires licensing for individuals who wish to work as a sonography tech. In order to apply for a license in South Carolina, prospective sonography techs must first gain CPR certification. South Carolina’s preferred certifying body for CPR is the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. CPR classes can also be taken through churches, the Red Cross, and other community organizations. Applicants must also demonstrate that they meet the state’s post secondary education requirements by showing proof that they have earned an associates degree at an ARRT-approved institution in sonography. Next, applicants must successfully complete the ARRT certification exam. Finally, applicants must take a state licensing exam that covers ethical issues and basic sonography concepts. Applicants are granted a state license upon presenting all exam scores, required transcripts, and proof of credentials. Those who wish to apply for a limited license are required to undergo additional testing.

Career Outlook for Sonogram Technicians in South Carolina

The employment outlook for sonogram technicians is favorable as the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts faster than average job growth in the field between 2010 and 2020. The average salary for a sonogram technician in South Carolina is nearly $58,000 annually. Salary expectations for sonogram techs in the state may be lower than the national average due to a lower cost of living in South Carolina. Competitive salary, education requirements that can be met in a relatively short amount of time, and positive job growth make sonogram technology an attractive field for individuals who wish to begin their first career as well as those who would like to make a career change.