Tennessee Sonography Tech Careers and Degrees

Receiving your Sonography Technician Training in Tennessee

A few of the schools in Tennessee that offer sonography training are Baptist Memorial College of Health Sciences, Chattanooga State Community College, and Volunteer State Community College. We can help you sort through all of the information you need to research in order to become a sonography technician.

You will learn how the sound waves produce images of internal body parts and even organs. Sonography programs will show you how to use sound waves to evaluate the anatomy of humans, including the organs of the abdomen and pelvis and obstetrics. The procedure of using the sound waves is referred to as sonogram, ultrasound, or echocardiogram. They are used to diagnose different medical issues that are only caught by the sonographer. Without this career, the medical field would prove to be less effective in diagnosing and protecting the public from health conditions that would otherwise be fatal. Sonographers help save lives on a daily basis.

The program usually requires you to participate in 125 credit hours within a 27-month period. This is also considered to be full time. It integrates clinical and didactic instruction. Two parts of the program consist of general education of 46 credit hours and diagnostic medical sonography, which is the major, of 79 credit hours. The instructors and other staff of the college will ensure that all policies are followed and learning within the field is ongoing.

Sonography Technician Licensing in Tennessee

There are only two states in which an individual must obtain additional certification or licensing in order to begin a career in sonography. Tennessee is a state in which you do not need additional certification. You will just need to take part in sonography programs. Most employers prefer that you are registered with an organization like the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS). They also prefer that you are trained through an accredited program with an education establishment.

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In order to register for the ARDMS, you will need to graduate from a patient-care related two-year health education program or be a student of one of the sonography schools. You must also have 12 months of clinical or vascular experience, an education transcript, a copy of the official education certificate, license, or credential, a letter from the educational program director, and the originally signed and completed clinical verification (CV) form. You will need to pay a small fee and pass two exams. Renewal of the registration includes a small fee paid annually.

Career Outlook for Sonogram Technicians in Tennessee

The average sonographer salary does range in this field. Sonography techs in Tennessee, according to the BLS make about $60,690 a year. This salary number will adjust based on location, education, certifications, and experience.

The demand for sonographers in Tennessee is steadily increasing, which means the amount of students that are taking the sonographer career path will most likely be able to receive an offer for a position while still attending their educational program. Since sonographers are in demand, most students will not have a gap in between education and their position. Some sonographer positions have specific labels. Diagnostic medical sonography is used to help physicians find problems within the patients’ images. An ophthalmologic sonographer examines eyes and helps the physician receive accurate measurements of the individual’s eyes. You will also get images of the retina, blood vessels, abnormalities of the eyes, and at times, tumors. An abdominal sonogram technician will deal with abdominal organs. These organs include the pancreas, spleen, kidneys, gallbladder, and liver. This position will also include neurosonographers. Neurosonographers take images of the brain. Obstetric or gynecological sonographers will help keep watch of the fetus and other female conditions in which images will need to be taken to ensure the health of the woman.