Vascular Tech Programs in Kentucky

Vascular technician work in hospitals and other medical settings all across the state of Kentucky. These men and women work directly with the newest forms of technology and the newest machines to view the inside of patients. Doctors call on technicians for help diagnosing patients with diseases, illnesses and injuries that they cannot otherwise see. Attending a vascular technician training program is the first step towards making this field your career.

This program involves a number of courses devoted to human anatomy. You cannot understand how diseases and medical conditions affect the body until you learn how the body works. You’ll also take some of the same classes that nurses and other medical technicians take, including courses that show you how to administer an IV and take a patient’s vital stats. When searching for a school, try looking at local hospitals. Norton Healthcare in Louisville launched its own program to train those interested in the medical field. Brown Mackie College, Daymar College and National College are a few other schools in the state that offer the same programs. Let us here at help you find out more about how you can earn your degree and start working in the field quickly.

Vascular Technician Licensing in Kentucky

Working as a vascular technician in Kentucky requires different things depending on where you want to work and if you specialize in a given field. For example, an ultrasound technician must have a Bachelor’s degree and a certificate to practice in the state. According to the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography, you must also pass an exam before working as a registered vascular technician. Depending on the certification that you seek, you might need to pass more than one examination. The ARDMS further explains that applicants must meet any prerequisites before taking the exam, which can include a college degree or the completion of a certain number of credit hours.

Career Outlook for Vascular Technicians in Kentucky

The job outlook for those interested in working as a vascular technician are good. The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims there were nearly 50,000 of these jobs available in 2010 and the rate of growth reported for those jobs is higher than the growth reported in other fields. You might also find it interesting that the median salary reported for those jobs is more than $49,000 a year. Don’t assume that you can make that much starting out in the field. Those making the higher salaries are those with more experience and education.

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Many people working in the field work in hospitals and clinical settings. Hospitals typically pay more than doctors’ offices and clinics. The amount you make also depends on where you work in the city. The cost of living in Louisville and other larger cities is higher than the cost of living in smaller towns, which means that you’ll typically make more. You might also consider working in a rural community. As fewer people in these areas have the skills needed to work as a vascular technician, you can earn more. Here at, we can help you find out more about working in Appalachian communities or larger cities.