Vascular Technician Programs in Mississippi

Deciding to pursue a career as a vascular technician is an exciting first step toward beginning your new dream job. We here at have compiled information for you to use to find a wealth of information that will help you learn how to apply for admission to vascular tech schools and other valuable career information.

Receiving your Vascular Technician Training in Mississippi

While some vascular techs receive on the job training, employers are increasingly preferring candidates that have earned a degree in a related field. Therefore, if you are new to the field of vascular technology, your road to becoming a vascular tech will likely begin with enrolling in school. Vascular tech education programs lengths range from one to four years with an associate’s degree typically being the credential that has the shortest program duration.If you wish to pursue a more in-depth education in the field, you may choose to specialize in one or more areas and earn a more advanced degree. The standard vascular tech curriculum teaches students about cardiac pathology, human anatomy and physiology, cardiac pharmacology, and hands-on techniques for operating diagnostic equipment. Students are also required to learn in a clinical setting that involves working under supervision with real patients.

Vascular Technician Licensing in Mississippi

Although you will not be required to obtain a license to work as a vascular tech, you may wish to become certified to enhance your job prospects. Certified vascular techs are often eligible for jobs that pay higher salaries, and in many cases, they are preferred by employers over candidates who are not certified. The ARDMS is one example of the several national organizations that offer certification through successful completion of an exam. Most organizations require certification applicants to have completed a degree program at an approved school; therefore, you should consult the school in which you intend to enroll to determine whether they are approved by any of the national trade organizations.

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Career Outlook for Vascular Technicians in Mississippi

Vascular technicians enjoy a positive career outlook as the career field is expected to grow at a rate of 29 percent, much faster than the national job growth rate, reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Examples of work environments in which you may find yourself include outpatient centers, specialty hospitals, general and surgical hospitals, medical labs, diagnostic labs, colleges and universities, and physicians’ offices. The average salary for vascular techs in Mississippi is approximately $41,500. Given the potential to earn a stable salary in a career field that is experiencing abundant growth, you will likely find that studying to become a vascular tech is an excellent investment in the future. Find additional workplace, salary, and education information here at