Vascular Technician Programs in North Carolina

Vascular medical sonography is an interesting and fulfilling field that will allow you to help heart patients on a daily basis, but getting started might seem challenging. Luckily, you can find everything that you need to start toward your educational and career-related goals by browsing the job, training and school information here at In fact, you can even find sonography programs in North Carolina so that you can register for classes right away.

Receiving your Vascular Technician Training in North Carolina

If you would like to pursue a career as a vascular technician, you will want to register for a two-year degree program at an accredited school. During your two years of study, you will learn about science, math and the healthcare industry as a whole; this knowledge will help you handle your job competently and confidently after you graduate. You will also learn more specialized things about your chosen field. For example, you will get hands-on experience working with ultrasound equipment and electrocardiograph devices so that you can use this equipment to diagnose your patients.

If you would like to improve your education, you can also take certificate courses that will provide you with a more specialized field of study. To find a school that offers the program that you want, take a look at our list of sonography schools in North Carolina below.

Vascular Technician Licensing in North Carolina

Although the state of North Carolina does not have its own vascular technician licensing program, becoming certified is a great idea if you want to qualify for the best jobs and show off your skills to potential employers. Many sonogram technicians choose to become certified through Cardiovascular Credentialing International; you can take an exam on the things that you learned in your sonography program to earn a credential in your chosen specialty. Once you have earned this credential, you will need to take continuing education classes every three years in order to maintain it.

You can also seek credentialing information from the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. This globally-recognized registry offers exams in various aspects of the sonography field, which will allow you to prove that you are knowledgeable in your chosen industry. Not only can you take the exam to become a Registered Vacular Technologist, but you can also seek other credentials that you have experience in.

Career Outlook for Vascular Technicians in North Carolina

According to research that has been conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is expected that there will be a 29-percent increase in vascular technician jobs across the nation before 2020. In North Carolina, the number is slightly less but still encouraging; the Employment Security Commission of North Carolina anticipates a 23-percent increase in these jobs in the same time period. This means that you shouldn’t have to worry about job availability upon your graduation.

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The median income for a vascular technician in North Carolina is actually higher than the national median. In 2012, the median for these professionals nationwide was $52,100; in North Carolina, however, that number was $60,000. The highest-paid vascular technicians in North Carolina made approximately $76,000 the same year, however, and these numbers do not include the excellent benefits that are offered by a lot of the employers across the state.

When you graduate and begin looking for a job in the field of vascular medical sonography, you are sure to be amazed by the many different types of opportunities that are available. Naturally, you can apply for a job at a cardiologist’s office, but there are other options as well. For example, you can opt to apply for employment at a hospital, surgical center and more. Vascular sonogram technicians do different daily tasks depending on where they choose to work, but the basic responsibilities are pretty similar from employer to employer. For example, you will probably spend most of your days interviewing patients, handling their information, preparing them for ultrasounds and other tests and even conducting part or all of these tests on your own. In this position, you will have the opportunity to assist heart patients on a regular basis while working alongside nurses, doctors and other respected medical professionals.

To get started on this exciting career track today, check out our list of sonography programs in North Carolina!