Find Sonographer Training Programs in Arkansas

Sonographer Training in Arkansas

With the information below, learn about how diagnostic medical sonography schools in AR may get you on the path to an exciting healthcare career!

Arkansas is offers a variety of ultrasound technician options for study, as well as programs for radiology, MRI and cardiac imaging technicians. The majority of these programs will focus on the basics of human anatomy and physiology, the operation and maintenance of specialized medical equipment and the intricacies of working in healthcare. There are important things to consider when you are choosing a program such as costs, admission requirements and how long it will take. By requesting information from all of the schools you are interested in, you can get and compare these important details.

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What Are the Top Ultrasound Training Programs in Arkansas?

It’s important to choose an accredited ultrasound or sonography program in Arkansas. While you may work without certification, the majority of employers prefer applicants who are accredited in diagnostic medical sonography.

There are quite a few distinctive ultrasound programs in Arkansas that can get you on the right path. You may benefit from healthcare growth in Arkansas, since healthcare has driven the unemployment rate down in Arkansas for several months in a row (Arklatex, 2017).

Is Ultrasound Tech a Good Career in AR? A Look at Common Requirements

  • Between one year and four years in school, depending on whether you earn a certificate, an Associate’s degree, or a Bachelor’s degree
  • Credit hours range from 30 to 120 credits
  • Programs offer between 300 and 1,500 clinical hours
  • Graduates may apply for certification via the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Best Ultrasound Tech Training Programs in Arkansas

If you’re considering an ultrasound career, you may have already wondered “How much do sonographers make in AR?” Salaries vary across different work settings, but no matter what, a solid education is key.

Course Options for Ultrasound Techs

  • General Pathophysiology
  • Patient Care
  • Abdominal Sonography
  • Small Parts Sonography

Top Sonography Training Programs in Arkansas

In addition to ultrasound programs, you may find programs that refer to diagnostic medical sonography. Diagnostic medical sonography schools in Arkansas typically last between two and four years and offer upwards of 1,000 hours of clinical experience.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Courses

  • Survey of Disease
  • Survey of Medical Terminology
  • Medical Sonography Theory
  • Anatomy and Physiology

Best MRI Technologist Training Programs in Arkansas

MRI techs use cutting-edge technology to create images of different parts of the body. Choose a program that allows you to work with several types of MRI machines. This helps you be more prepared for wherever you work after graduation.

MRI Courses in Arkansas

  • Orientation to MRI Technology
  • Fundamentals of MRI Technology
  • Basic Patient Care
  • Law and Ethics in Medical Imaging

Vascular Sonography Training — Top Programs in Arkansas

Students who specialize in vascular sonography learn how to use medical imaging to take pictures of the blood vessels. This may help doctors diagnose various types of diseases.

Vascular Sonography Coursework

  • Medical Sonography
  • Neurosonography
  • Abdominal Sonography
  • Vascular Technology

Best Radiology Tech Training Options in Arkansas

Radiology is a complex topic, so you may find that many four-year schools offer this program. In addition to giving you practical skills, your program should show you how to avoid safety issues with radiology.

Radiology Tech Program Coursework

  • Digital Image Acquisition and Display
  • Advanced Modalities in Imaging
  • Fundamentals of Radiographic Technology
  • Fluoroscopy

Best Echo Tech Training Programs in Arkansas

Echocardiography technicians use various types of technology to get accurate images of the heart and its structures.

Echocardiography Classes

  • Echocardiography Terminology
  • Anatomy of the Heart
  • Electrical Conduction System of the Heart
  • Cardiac Cycle

Ready to find a training program that’s right for you? Learn more about your options now by contacting sonographer training programs in Arkansas.

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Arkansas schools offer a wide variety of ultrasound, MRI, and radiology training programs. In addition to certificates and associate degrees, you can also obtain a bachelor’s degree in your chosen field. Some bachelor’s programs in Arkansas are limited to those who are already certified by The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. So, you will want to double check entrance requirements before applying.

You can find all of your options here, and we suggest that you request information from multiple schools before you make a decision. The more you know about the program, the better prepared you will be to make the right choice.

Ultrasound Programs in Nearby States

Louisiana / Mississippi / Missouri / Oklahoma / Tennessee

How Much Do Sonographers Make in AR?

Though radiology technicians are in the high demand in Arkansas, those in ultrasound technology earn the highest salary. Most are employed in the Little Rock area, which is no surprise as it is the state’s major metropolitan area. You will likely be looking for positions within hospitals and medical centers, as well as clinics, outpatient facilities and physicians’ offices. You can also make some connections through the school you attend, as you will likely be meeting many new people over the course of your studies.

By the time you are ready to enter the workforce, you should know the average ultrasound tech salary in Arkansas. If you graduate with a specialized degree, the answer to “How much do ultrasound techs make in Arkansas?” may be completely different for you.

Mean Annual Wage — Ultrasound Technologists 2017

Ultrasound Technician Salary in Arkansas

Echo Tech Salary in Arkansas — 2017

2017 Vascular Sonographer Salary in Arkansas

MRI Technologist Salary in Arkansas — 2017

2017 Cardiac Sonographer Salary in Arkansas

Radiology Tech Salary in Arkansas — 2017

Find Top Allied Health Programs and Start Your Medical Career

Arkansas schools have a wide variety of exciting training programs for students like you. Whether you want to work with people of all medical backgrounds as a sonographer or work exclusively with cardiology patients as a cardiovascular technician, this is your chance. Still not sure which specialty fits you? Compare options on this page.

When you’re ready to learn more, request information from Arkansas schools to get started.

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