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If you want to make a difference in Georgia, keep reading to learn more about diagnostic medical sonography schools in Georgia! Are you looking for a career in the medical field, but not quite sure where to start? There are several different entry level positions you can enter in Georgia, one of which is the field of diagnostic sonography, otherwise known as ultrasound technology. Check out the ultrasound tech schools in Georgia that are listed below to gain more information about how to enter this specialized medical career.

Ultrasound technicians are an important part of a patient’s treatment team and work closely with patients, doctors, nurses and other hospital and clinical staff. Ultrasound technicians, also known as diagnostic medical sonographers, are specially trained to operate machines and computers to administer image scans of a patient. They are also trained to read the images in an effort to help identify illness and/or injury and relay that information back to the treatment team promptly.

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What Are the Top Ultrasound Training Programs in Georgia?

As an ultrasound student in Georgia, you may learn all about healthcare theory before you start working with ultrasound equipment. Depending on where you live in Georgia, you may have several options when it comes to sonographer training programs in Georgia.

Few programs have Bachelor’s-level programs. These are the longest options, typically lasting four years. However, Associate’s and certificate programs are generally less than two years.

Is Ultrasound Tech a Good Career in Georgia?

  • Most programs between one and two years; undergraduate programs are four years long
  • 30 credits for a certificate, 60 credits for an Associate’s degree, and 120 credits for a Bachelor’s degree
  • Clinical experience required, typically ranging from 500 to 1,500 hours
  • Accreditation goes through the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Best Ultrasound Tech Training Programs in Georgia

Before you ask “How much do sonographers make in Georgia?” learn more about the training process. Ultrasound tech programs are fairly short, with most Associate’s programs including between 60 and 70 credits. Clinical experience is a huge part of this program.

Ultrasound Tech Coursework

  • Small Parts Sonography
  • Abdominal Sonography
  • Cross-Sectional Anatomy
  • Professional Aspects of Sonography

Top Sonography Training Programs in Georgia

Diagnostic medical sonography is the technical term for ultrasound tech careers, so you may find many of these options in Georgia. They rely on an in-depth knowledge of the human body and its systems.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Courses

  • Medical Terminology
  • Ultrasound Learning Lab
  • Physics and Instrumentation
  • Foundations of Sonography

Best MRI Technologist Training Programs in Georgia

MRI technology is in high demand in medical facilities across Georgia. At an MRI program, you may learn how to minimize the risks of this equipment while still getting top-quality images.

Courses Required in MRI Tech Programs

  • Sectional Anatomy
  • Survey of Medical Surgical Diseases
  • Radiation Protection
  • Radiographic Positioning

Vascular Sonography Training — Top Programs in Georgia

Like other sonography programs, this program relies on ultrasound equipment. You focus on the role of blood vessels in the body and proper imaging techniques.

Vascular Sonography Coursework

  • Vascular Clinical Education
  • Sonographic Physics and Instrumentation
  • Sonography Topics

Best Radiology Tech Training Options in Georgia

Radiology images are used in many specialties and medical facilities. Exposure to this technology has risks, so you need to attend a program that thoroughly covers safety procedures and practical experience.

Radiology Tech Coursework

  • Radiologic Physics and Principles
  • Special Imaging
  • Methods of Patient Care
  • Cross-Sectional Anatomy

Best Echo Tech Training Programs in Georgia

Echocardiography is the use of non-invasive medical imaging equipment to secure clear, usable images of the heart. In this program, you may become an expert in the heart’s anatomy and physiology.

Classes in Echo Tech Programs

  • Cardiac Pathophysiology
  • Introduction to Cardiac Sonography
  • Foundations of Cardiovascular Anatomy
  • Pediatric Echocardiography

Is ultrasound tech a good career in Georgia? If you’re ready to make a difference with your daily work, then yes!

Learn more now by contacting diagnostic medical sonography schools in Georgia.

Ultrasound technicians must have great communication skills, both written and verbal, as they communicate with other staff, patients and patient families, as well as keep written records. You will also want to be comfortable in healthcare settings and with patients who may be in pain. Your role as an ultrasound tech can be very rewarding, and you may find that this career track is one you can expand upon with education.

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Ultrasound technician schools in Georgia offer programs at all levels of education, ranging from certificate programs and Associate’s degrees, to Bachelor’s and even Master’s degrees. Choosing the right program for you is important; luckily many ultrasound technician programs offer a combination of online courses as well as in class instructional courses so that you can tailor your program to your individual needs.

Ultrasound tech schools in Georgia offer a wide range of training options in sonography, radiology and cardiovascular imaging. Many of the programs are highly specialized, so you will also have an opportunity to specialize in areas within the sonography field, such as cardiac imaging or prenatal ultrasounds.

In your ultrasound technician program, you will take core classes of physiology, anatomy, patient care and ethics, medical terminology, medical records and psychology, along with the specialty courses that correspond with the focus area you have chosen.

You will also have hands on clinicals to gain experience in patient care and working in a clinical setting. After you graduate, you can apply to take an exam to become a certified ultrasound technician through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS), which is recognized across the United States. Check out ultrasound schools in Georgia to find the best fit for you!

Ultrasound Programs in Nearby States

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Is Sonography a Good Career in Georgia?

The average ultrasound tech salary in Georgia is in line with the national average. You may find that your income potential changes as you gain more experience and references. To answer “How much do ultrasound techs make in Georgia?” compare the specialties below.

Mean Annual Wage — Ultrasound Technologists 2018

Ultrasound Technician Salary in Georgia

Echo Tech Salary in Georgia — 2018

2018 Vascular Sonographer Salary in Georgia

MRI Technologist Salary in Georgia — 2018

2018 Cardiac Sonographer Salary in Georgia

Radiology Tech Salary in Georgia — 2018

Find Top Allied Health Programs and Start Your Medical Career

Why not start preparing for a career in medical imaging now? As the health industry grows, you may have the chance to work with physicians and nurses to improve patient care. GPB notes that MRI techs and radiographers are expected to be in high demand in coming years in Georgia (Georgia Public Radio, 2018).

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