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Sonographer Training Programs in Arizona

If you’re looking for a fast-paced healthcare career that lets you work with top-of-the-line technology, keep reading to learn more about diagnostic medical sonography schools in Arizona.

Arizona employs a good number of ultrasound technicians, especially in the Phoenix metro, where you can earn a mean hourly wage of $36.72. The state also has a large Native American population, many of whom speak Navajo and Apache languages, making medical professionals who also speak these languages very valuable.

If you are interested in becoming an ultrasound tech in Arizona, you can find a listing of all the available options on our site. There are ultrasound technology certificate programs as well as associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs available in the state, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

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What Are the Top Ultrasound Training Programs in Arizona?

Healthcare professionals rely on medical imaging for accurate views of patients’ organs, blood vessels, and other body structures. There are lots of different specialties within the field of medical imaging that give you the chance to work with specific populations or medical needs.

Is Ultrasound Tech a Good Career in Arizona? A Breakdown of Requirements

Best Ultrasound Tech Training Programs in Arizona

Ultrasound techs are some of the most widely employed medical imaging professionals in the country. This is due to the fact that ultrasound technology is reliable and it creates easy-to-decipher images.

Common Ultrasound Tech Courses

  • Gallbladder and Biliary Tree Ultrasounds
  • Ultrasound Physics
  • Scanning Techniques and Patient Care
  • Cerebrovascular Systems

Top Sonography Training Programs in Arizona

When people ask “How much do sonographers make in AZ?” they are often asking about diagnostic medical monographers. This career path requires a strong knowledge of anatomy and physiology, not to mention plenty of practical experience.

Coursework in Sonography

  • Ultrasonography
  • Legal Issues in Healthcare
  • Ultrasound Clinical Rotation
  • Physics for Health Science

Best MRI Technologist Training Programs in Arizona

MRI technology gives techs the chance to create 3D images comprised from hundreds of still shots. These images are extremely useful to physicians who are trying to diagnose or assess a condition.

MRI Tech Coursework

  • Quality Control in Medical Imaging
  • Medical Imaging Pathology
  • Radiologic Technology and Patient Care

Vascular Sonography Training — Top Programs in Arizona

In this specialty, you examine the blood vessels using ultrasound technology. This field requires attention to detail and intense concentration.

Vascular Sonography Courses

  • Pathophysiology
  • Breast Sonography
  • Vascular Technology
  • Abdominal Sonography

Best Radiology Tech Training Options in Arizona

Radiology creates precise, accurate images for use in diagnosis. Look for a program that includes multiple courses on radiation protection and safety.

Courses in Radiology Tech Programs

  • Radiographic Procedures Lab
  • Radiography Practicum
  • Current Issues in Radiologic Technology
  • Fundamentals of Radiologic Technology

Best Echo Tech Training Programs in Arizona

To work as an echo tech, you have to be well-educated in the cardiovascular system and its components. In this role, you use non-invasive technology to capture images.

Echo Tech Courses

  • Cerebral Diagnostic Tests
  • Pathological Mechanism
  • Upper and Lower Extremities
  • Disease State Identification

Take the first step in an ultrasound career now and request information from Arizona sonographer training programs.

If you wish to study sonography and radiography in Arizona will find that most of the state’s training programs are located in Phoenix. The state’s accredited programs include certificate and associate degrees in diagnostic sonography and medical radiology. You may also earn a certificate in cardiac imaging or MRI technology if those routes interest you.

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Regardless of which type of diagnostic imaging program you choose to enter, you will begin your studies by learning about how the body functions and normal human anatomy. You will also learn how to document in medical records, how to interact with both patients and other healthcare providers, and how to maintain patient privacy in the digital age.

You will also be trained in how to operate and maintain the medical equipment you will be using in your job, which may include ultrasound machines, radiology equipment and MRI components. You could even be involved in the cardiac catheterization lab if you choose this exciting route. You will also be utilizing computers in much of your work, so you will need to be comfortable with both traditional and emerging computing technology.

Upon completion of your diagnostic imaging program, you should be prepared to enter this field, providing essential medical services to Arizona’s population.

Ultrasound Programs in Nearby States

California / Colorado / Nevada / New Mexico / Utah

How Much Do Sonographers Make in AZ?

Because of Arizona’s large Hispanic and Native populations, bilingual ultrasound techs will likely have an advantage over others in the state’s health care job market.
With an education as an ultrasound tech, you can likely apply for positions in a variety of medical settings. You may find a position in a hospital, community health center, outpatient clinic or private physician’s office. You can have a significant impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare as an ultrasound tech, as you will be crucial to helping healthcare providers diagnose patients as accurately and quickly as possible.

The field of healthcare is growing quickly across the country, making this a rewarding work opportunity for many people. Arizona is one of the top 10 states in terms of job growth, with most of its 2016 job growth coming from the healthcare sector (Lake Powell Life, 2017).

With so many different roles in medical imaging, you may wonder “How much do ultrasound techs make in AZ?” Data is listed below for several different specialties.

Mean National Annual Wage – Ultrasound Technologists 2017

Ultrasound Technician Salary in Arizona

  • 23 percent (national) expected job growth by 2026 (CareerOneStop, 2017)
  • $82,640 median per year (CareerOneStop, 2017)

Echo Tech Salary in Arizona – 2017

Cardiac and Vascular Sonographer Salaries in Arizona – 2017

MRI Technologist Salary in Arizona – 2017

Radiology Tech Salary in Arizona — 2017

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Take advantage of industrywide growth in healthcare and find out if diagnostic medical sonography schools in AZ can help you get started. If you want to learn more about what this job involves, check out our article on the job duties of ultrasound technicians.

Then, reach out to sonography schools in Arizona to get more information on different training options.

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