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Washington, D.C. is a unique place to live and work, with many of the city’s workers commuting regularly during the work week. Washington, D.C. has a sizable public transit system, making it fairly easy to get around the city without a car, and many of the schools offering ultrasound certificate programs can be reached this way.

There are several research institutions and teaching hospitals that offer career opportunities in the D.C. area. A recent news piece noted that a novel, non-invasive musculoskeletal ultrasound is now being deployed to diagnose sports injuries at a D.C. hospital.

To get started in ultrasound, contact the D.C. schools with sonography programs listed below.

Because of its size, the District of Columbia itself only offers a few options for ultrasound technology education, however there are several programs in surrounding areas as well. If you are seeking either a bachelor’s degree or a training certificate in sonography, you can find programs within the city as well as beyond.

Most of the schools that offer ultrasound certificate programs in D.C. and neighboring states are community colleges and trade schools that can prepare you for entry level positions in sonography. If you are planning to get your associate’s or bachelor’s degree, you have a few more options, but this will take two to four years, depending upon which route you choose.

To learn more about your options for entering the field of ultrasound technology, review the schools on our site and contact each one for detailed program information.

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Ultrasound Programs in Nearby States

Maryland / Pennsylvania / Virginia

How Much Do Sonographers Make in the District of Columbia?

Washington, D.C. offers many employment options within the field of ultrasound technology, along with other similar careers in diagnostic imaging. Most ultrasound technicians in the D.C. area work in hospitals, clinics and private physicians’ offices.

Data found at the Bureau of Labor Statistics from 2015. Keep in mind these pay rates may change depending on level of education, certifications, experience, as well as setting of employment such as a hospital, private clinic or specialty clinic.

To learn more, contact the schools listed on this page and request information today.

District Of Columbia Ultrasound Schools